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Ksum Nole June 26, 2024

Hello Elon Musk,

I hope this letter finds you well. First of all, I want to express my appreciation for your expertise and success in satellite development. However, I have some concerns that I would like to share with you recently.

From what I understand, I've heard that some of the satellites you've developed could potentially cause harmful effects, such as starting fires in countries' forests. I have deep concerns about the potential malicious uses of such technology. Fires not only threaten natural wildlife and ecosystems but also pose serious risks to human habitats.

I know you have the technological capability to make positive impacts on the world. However, I strongly believe that these powerful technologies should be used for peaceful and beneficial purposes. It's important to avoid any applications that could harm nature and people.

Please consider carefully using your technological advancements ethically and responsibly. I hope this letter encourages you to reflect on the decisions you make in the future and inspires you to contribute positively to the future of our society and our planet.

Best regards,